Harmony Datong, your Shanxi families!

Harmony-Datong-Xiaohong Lv

Xiaohong Lv, founder of Harmony Datong

After graduation from university, Janet(Xiaohong Lv) joined Datong CITS. She has been engaged in inbound tourism reception for more than 20 years.

With her rich experience and full understanding of the local culture, she can provide you with the best travel routes. Her goal is to let tourists all over the world understand and love Shanxi, The satisfaction of guests is her most expected reply.

(++86) 13935208630

Harmony Datong-May

May, professional travel consultant and product manager

May is a cultured senior English tour guide.

She has great passions to do her job that she loved. Her full understanding of Shanxi and plenty of guide experience help her make the reasonable itinerary according to your interest and make your trip pleasant. Welcome to Shanxi,welcome to Datong.

(++86) 15935250110

Harmony Datong-Star Lv

Star Lv, professional travel consultant and product manager

Star Lv, who gained his master`s degree for tourism management in 2015, has been an English tour guide for 18 years in Shanxi Province. Through his continuous learning his guide level reached to senior(associate professor).

He likes to travel and traveled to many main tourist and historic cities in China so far, so he is always ready to tell you the history and culture importance of Shanxi compare with different places in China.

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Harmony Datong-Joy

Joy (Chinese name: Lele), travel consultant and English tour guide

Joy, a native girl in Datong city, Shanxi Province, has more than 10 years of experiences in receiving tourists from all over the world.

She likes to travel and has been to many places in China. She  has a strong interest in Chinese Ancient Architecture and Religion Culture. Joy has always ready to share a different Shanxi culture and a most valuable trip with you.

Harmony Datong-Alice

Alice (Chinese name: Caifeng), travel consultant and French tour guide

Alice, a native tour guide in Shanxi, has more than ten years of experience in receiving French speaking tourists from all over the world, she is keen on reading and traveling.She likes Chinese and French cultures, and good at combined them with her tourism work,she has a strong interest in Shanxi’s history and ancient architecture buildings, She is ready to share a different Shanxi with tourists.

Harmony Datong-Heiko Li

Heiko Li (Chinese name: Binhua), travel consultant and German tour guide

Heiko Li, has received a large number of tourist groups from German speaking countries. He participated in the training organized by foreign travel agencies for many times and served as a foreign travel agent team leader and national guide. He hopes to constantly improve his working ability and professional qualities in practice, so that to make every tourist feel the trip worthwhile.