General Introduction

The Huayan Temple is located in the centre of the ancient Datong City. It was built in Liao Dynasty (907—1125) and originally used as the royal temple of Qidan family. It is one of eight Buddhist sects, it was originated in Tang dynasty and very popular during the Liao dynasty. In 1038, Liao royal family built the temple and gave the temple name of Huayan.


  • The Huayan Temple faced east instead of south just like Liao nomadic minority’s tents faced east always.
  • The Main Hall of Huayan Temple is one of the biggest Buddhist Hall of China which covers an area of 1559 squire meters.
  • The Chiwen (the legendary animals on the roof ridge) of the Main Hall are 4.5 meters high, they are highest Chiwen of China.
  • The Sutra Hall of Huayan Temple is one of eight Liao buildings of Chian.
  • There are 29 Liao dynasty’s status inside of the Sutra Hall.
  • A Bodhisattva statue which looks like a charming young girl with beautiful smile and teeth was regards as the Venus of China.
  • The cabinets for Sutra is regards as the only one exited Liao Sutra cabinets by the architecture Liang sicheng.