General Introduction

Shanhua Temple is located at the foot of east gate of the ancient city. It was first built in Tang dynasty and rebuilt in Liao and Jing dynasties. There are three main buildings were built along the axes and two pavilions are on the east and west. Among the five buildings, one is from Liao dynasty and three from Jin dynasty. It’s the exited most preserved building complex of Liao and Jin dynasty. It’s a very necessary place for the people who study or interested in ancient architecture.


  • Shanmen (gate to the monastery) with Chinese hipped roof (a kind of roof means the building’s level is high) is very unusual.
  • A tablet inside of Sansheng Hall told us the history of Shanhua Temple.
  • The Main Hall of Shanhua Temple is one of eight Liao buildings of China.
  • The method of reduced the numbers of the pillars made the builds very spacious.