Zhangbi Ancient Fortress is a rare, 1,600 years old, ancient multi-functional fortress that was used for military defense, housing, production, and worship. It is located in Jiexiu city, around 40 kilometers southwest of Pingyao.

The constructions of Zhangbi Ancient Fortress follows the traditional Chinese astrology and Fengshui theories. The layout of the constructions above ground corresponds to the Constellation in the sky. Therefore, Zhangbi Ancient Fortress is also known as China’s No. 1 Astrology Village.

Zhangbi Ancient Fortress is surrounded by gullies on three sides, and a mountain on one side. The tall walls outside made it easy to defend but hard to attack. Underground the fortress, there are complex tunnels, extending to different directions and cleverly connected to the buildings above ground. Villagers could easily hide to the tunnels for protection when enemies came.

 It’s interesting to walk through the village out to see villagers houses and their daily life.