The Pingyao Ancient City Tour


1 day | The Ancient City Tour

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  • UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site
  • The City Wall, have a panorama view of this town
  • The Rishengchang Former Bank
  • The Temple of City God and the Confucian Temple
  • The Ming and Qing Street
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  • This morning, our guide will come to pick you up at your hotel at around 9:00 to start Pingyao Ancient City exploration. Pingyao Ancient City is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Your tour starts from the Ancient City Wall, where you can have a panorama view of this town. Then you will move on to the Rishengchang Former Bank, which shows you the original bank system in the past. Next, visit the Temple of City God and the Confucian Temple. Later, Take a leisurely walk along the Ming and Qing Street,with old buildings on either side to feel the former bustle bazaar in the old days. The rest time is free for you to relax.

The rates below are indicative, and they may vary slightly depending on the season or hotel availability.

Price per person based on With driver With driver+An English-speaking guide
2 persons 50$ 86$
4 persons 38$ 56$
6 persons 34$ 50$

Price includes

  • Transfers by private vehicle with a driver from the railway station to the ancient city and battery cart to your hotel inside the ancient city(because of no car inside the ancient city . For the group without a guide, if necessary, the driver will also help as possible as he can, such as buy scenic spots tickets and take you to the local specialty resturants.
  • Accompaniment by an English-speaking guides the whole day.
  • Accommodation and meals for your guides and drivers.
  • One bottle of mineral water per day per person.

The price does not include

  • International and domestic flights or train.
  • Hotel you stay in Datong.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Entrance tickets for tours and activities, to be paid for directly on site (around 150RMB per person). 50% reductions sometimes for travelers over 60, free possible for those over 70.
  • Tips for guides and drivers (It is recommended 160 RMB / day in total ).
  • Accident, repatriation, and health insurance.
  • The visa fees.

Warm Tips:

  • To facilitate your stay, we suggest that you change your quotes on arrival and departure at the current exchange rate. The formalities to be completed in Chinese banks are particularly tedious.

Things to Do While in Pingyao

Once an ancient trade center, shopping is made easy at all times. In the old city, some small specialty stores are dotted here and there, where one can buy exquisite souvenirs. Cured beef, polished lacquer ware, and hand-made shoes are much sought after.

●Massage shops

Many massage shops in town, especially along South and West street. 30-100¥ depending on if full/facial/feet/etc..

● Paper-cutting Experience

Paper-cutting began in ancient times, people began to paste paper-cutting on windows to show their happiness.The paper-cutting in Pingyao has a long history and enjoys high reputation.

● Nightlife and Local Shows

Folk cultural performances here and there. There are late opening bars with live music and fancy light shows which are quite nice.

Some Other Places to Visit Near Pingyao

Shuanglin Temple and Zhenguo Temple are two well-known temples outside of Pingyao were officially inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site together with Pingyao in 1997.

● Shuanglin Temple

  • Shuanglin Temple was founded 1500 years ago and contains over 2000 colorful sculptures of various gods, warriors, Buddha, and other characters, some over 1000 years old.

● Zhenguo Temple

  • Zhenguo Templeis a 1000-year-old Buddhist Temple located to the north of Pingyao. It is the only remaining temple in China built in the architectural style of the Five Dynasties Period (10th century).

● Qiao Family Compound

Qiao Family Compound built by successful Shanxi merchants with the family name Qiao, it also shows Chinese folk culture and traditional festivals, Raise the Red Lantern is a feature film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Gong Li with the shooting site here also .

● Wang Family Compound

Wang Family Compound is one of the largest of the residential complexes built by successful Shanxi merchants with the family name Wang.Almost 4 times the size of Qiao Family Compound still surrounded by villages.

● Zhang Bi Old Castle

Zhang Bi Old Castle is famous for it’s long and well preserved underground tunnels, which were serving as place to hide and a secret camp during local wars in the past. Zhang Bi Old Castle is still a village living with 13,759 local villagers you can immerse in a really authenticity atmosphere in the Chinese countryside.

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