Wutai Mt., A Buddist Holy Land

Wutai Mt., A Buddist Holy Land

Wutai Mt. is situated in the northeast area of Shanxi Province, 230 km from Taiyuan, the country’s provincial capital. Wutai Mt. is considered to be a stopping point that lies between Datong and Pingyao.

Wutai Mt., a huge mountain complex, is one of the four Buddhist Mountains in China. It ranks the first because of its long Buddhist history,hundreds of monasteries and over 1200 monks. In China, Wutai Mt. is the only one place where both Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Lamaism are practiced. All Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas had preached here, some of them were even buried here. In 2009, Mount Wutai is listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

How To Get To Wutai Mt.?

By air

Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport is 70 kilometers away from Taihuai Town which is the central hinterland of Wutai Mt. Scenic Area. At present, the total number of airport routes has reached 15, which are direct flights outside the province (the navigable cities are Shanghai, Tianjin, Changsha, Hangzhou, Chendu Harbin, Ningbo, Guiyang, Shenyang, Chongqing, Baotou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Nanning). The airport shuttle buses arrive at the scenic area directly which operate before 20:00 and leave when there are passengers.

By bus

You can take the long distance bus from Beijing, Taiyuan, Datong, Zhangjiakou and some other big cities around. BUT you have to pay the entrance fee before arrive to the core tourist area. DONOT misunderstand the communication problem because the ticket seller can understand little English.

TIPS: Both the train station and airport are far from the town center for the core tourist area of Wutai Mt. is located inside the town in the basin of the mountain. In addition, communication problem is really inconvenient for the travelers reached by their own. So it’s the best choice for travelers that first to arrive in Datong or Taiyuan by air or high-speed train, then book a local travel agency to arrange private guide and car service from Datong or Taiyuan.

Lama In Wutai Mt.

Wutai Mt. Weather and Best Time To Visit

Wutai Mt. is known as Cool Mountain because of its high altitude. So you’d better visit Mount Wutai between the months of April and October. The month of May, June, September and October are highly recommended.

During July and August, the weather is much cooler than other places, even no need AC in the evening. But because of the summer holiday for the students, it’s will be crowded than normal time, You can better understand the real Buddha world during these two months because there are many Buddhist activities holding here and many pilgrims and visitors coming.

Temperatures and precipitation of Wutai Mt.

temperature of Wutaishan

A Little History of Wutai Mt.

Mount Wutai, Located in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, between 38 ° 55 ‘- 39 ° 66’ N and 113 ° 29 ‘- 113 ° 39’ E, with area of 607 square kilometers. Five peaks are as flat as platform, so got the name Wutai, it is also called cooling mountain. Buddhism was introduced into Mount Wutai in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In the 11th year of Yongping (68 AD), India monks came to Mount Wutai built a temple called Xiantong temple, it’s the oldest Buddhist temple in China together with the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, Henan Province.During the northern and Southern Dynasties, the development of Buddhism in Mount Wutai reached its first climax. Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty expanded the lingjiu temple on a large scale, and built 12 temples around it, such as Shanjing temple and Zhenrong temple. During the Northern Qi Dynasty, there were more than 200 temples on Mount Wutai.

In the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty issued an edict to build a temple on each of the five platforms. In the Tang Dynasty, there was a second climax in the development of Mount Wutai Buddhism. There were as many as 300 temples and more than 3000 monks in the whole mountain during this period. At this time, Mount Wutai is not only one of the famous Buddhist mountains in China, but also a real Buddhist holy land. It is known as the first of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. This is not only the beginning of Mount Wutai’s dominance in Chinese Buddhism, but also the beginning of Mount Wutai’s development into a famous mountain holy land under the utilization and auspices of feudal rulers.

Another feature of Mount Wutai is that there are both Tibetan Buddhism and Han Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism and Han Buddhism are adjacent and develop together, which is a unique phenomenon among the four famous Buddhist mountains.

Things to Do While in Mount Wutai

Flying kites on the Middle Peak

Take part in different kind of Buddhism activates

Stay in the Zen house experience the charming of Chinese calligraphy,enjoy golden Lotus tea and meditating with Buddhism music and writing the Buddhist scripture.

Watching the performance “See Mount Wutai again”

The first large-scale situation performance of Chinese Buddhist subject.Characterized by strong Buddhist atmosphere, extraordinary theme interpretation, beautiful rotating illusory space, and nearly 200 meters of stage width to bring you into the real and illusory scene.

Hiking to 5 Peaks

The land-form of Mount Wutai also attracted a lot of travelers and pilgrims hiking around and you can passes through the famous scenic spots of Wutai Mountain, The climbing trail, rural road and scenic road are dotted along the track. The beautiful scenery, such as strange stones flying, green tiles and red eaves, and layered forest dying, accompanies you to enjoy the scenery along the way, and brings you the experience of changing scenery .

The Best Things to Eat in Mount Wutai

There are many unique dishes and snacks in Mount Wutai area. Here you can taste the traditional famous dishes such as fried mushroom with sliced meat, fried mushroom with clear sauce, stewed mushroom with chicken, etc.

To experience the Buddhist culture, you shall not miss the Buddhist food here, which is mainly vegetarian Chinese food with specialties of Mt Wutai. It is usually made of mushrooms,ferns,vegetables,edible wild herbs, Chinese medicine herbs, flowers, wheat,naked oat,buckwheat, bean, cornflour,etc.

1. A Bright Lamp (YI ZHAN MING DENG RESTAURANT): 一盏明灯全素斋

Most of the tourists come to eat in the famous local vegetarian restaurant. The price is a little expensive.All vegetarian dishes are made of tofu and mushrooms. The braised meat is very lifelike. The most famous dish is “a bright lamp”. The raw material is mushroom, which is placed in a hanging bowl and ignited under it. It looks like a bright lamp and has a full Zen spirit.

ADD: Ming and Qing Street, Taihuai Town, Wutaishan scenic spot (near Wuye Temple) 五台山风景区台怀镇明清街五爷庙附近
TEL: 0350-6543465

2. Miaojixiang Restaurant 妙吉祥全素斋

In Wutai Mountain area, the famous vegetarian restaurant, the dishes imitated by meat are made in a fake way, the dining environment is elegant and chic, the buildings imitated by ancient times, and the feeling of Chinese style. The waiters were all dressed in monk’s clothes, there were many Buddhist books in the hall, and there were live performances of Buddhist music during the meal.

ADD: Ming and Qing Street, Taihuai Town, Wutaishan scenic spot 五台山风景区明清街妙吉祥禅意客栈旁边
TEL: 0350-6545518

Finding a Hotel in Wutai Mt.

There are not many big hotels in Wutai Mt. because of its location. We recommend the hotel by the distance to the Taihuai Town. Wutai Mountain Marriott Hotel is an international chain hotel with spacious accommodation rooms and high good service of quality, but it is 12 km from the scenic area center, about 20 minutes’ drive. Bu’er Yard and Wutai Mountain Flower Villa are closer to the center, just 10 minutes’ drive. The location of Friendship Hotel is remarkable, and you can walk to the main temples.

This selection is the result of our long experience and the positive feedback from our customers. Please take into consideration that in some more remote destinations, the choice of infrastructure and the range of comfort is sometimes limited. In this case, we do our best to retain the best establishments.